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We will be hosting a range of inspirational and motivational talks on the Main Stage to empower women and educate about their health.

Find your way to the Main Stage located at the centre, opposite Adventure HQ on the ground floor.

Here is what we have planned for the day:

Welcome to Health Love

10am -10.30am

Nancy Nese Ozbek,

General Manager at Times Square Center

and Natasha Hatherall-Shawe,

Founder and CEO of TishTash Communications

Maternal Well-being

10.30am - 11am 

Dr Summer Fakhro and Dr Lucy Wood

Clinical Psychologist at Lighthouse Arabia

Fertility Preservation Through Egg Freezing

11am - 11.30am

Cassie Destino, IVF Support UAE

and Dr. Bohaira El Geyoushi, Suliaman Al Habib Hospital

Live Demo - Lush Fresh Face Mask making

11.30am - 12pm

Lush Cosmetics

Balancing your hormones naturally with food & supplements

12pm - 12.30pm

Dr. Mahmoud Musa, Valeo General Practitioner 

How to harness your feminine periods to post-menopause

12.30pm - 1pm

Sharon James, The Menopause Coach

Mindful Eating for Weight Loss and Mental Health: Understanding the Connection Between Food and Mood

1pm – 1.30pm

Natassia Dsouza, Emotional & Behavioral Weightloss Coach

Stepping into Soul Confidence

1.30pm – 2pm

Kim Shelar

Founder of Mie Mind

The Bumpy Path To Parenthood2pm - 3pm

2pm - 3pm 

Panel Discussion

Adventure for a Cause:

Combining Fitness and Fundraising 

3pm - 3.30pm

Gulf for good

Hair & Scalp Health and how to care for your Hair

3.30pm - 4pm

Emilia Renata, Bedashing Beauty

The Path to Empowerment:

Overcoming trauma to move forward with your life

4pm – 4.30pm

Natalie Hore, Breathes Wellness

Women and Stress:

5 Mindful strategies to prevent burnout

4.30pm - 5pm

Sandy Zanella, Author and Mindfulness expert

Early Childhood Nutrition

5pm – 5.30pm

Qadreya Al Awadhi, Founder & CEO, Bumblebee

Tummy Tuck: The Road to Self Love

5.30pm – 6pm

Karen Dobson, General Manager of BodySmart UAE 

I Have Purpose - Watch me Soar!

6pm – 6.30pm

Priya Cima, Counsellor at

The 10th Anniversary of The Dubai Women’s Run

6.30 pm – 6.45 pm

Dr Harmeek Singh, Race Chairman of Dubai Women’s Run, Chairman and Founder of Plan B Group

How to choose the right period care products and its overall effects on your pelvic health

6.30pm – 7pm

Dr Toni, Medical Director at Nabta Health

Nandita, Physiotherapist at Nabta Health

and Chanda Lokendra, Founder of Lizzom  


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